The NCBAA recognizes our role in acknowledging the stall worth efforts of community college leaders. Each year, during our annual awards breakfast at the AACC Convention, we honor the contributions and leadership provided by these individuals. We understand that these individuals certainly do not engage in the work for the accolades, however, we want them to know that we honor and acknowledge that our institutions, faculty/staff, and most importantly, students benefit from the time, talent, and treasure they contribute to our nation’s community colleges. Descriptions of the awards and previous recipients are noted below.

The Dr. Marian C. Shivers Mentor Award

Mentoring of oncoming professionals and aspiring presidents and senior level administrators is one of the hallmarks of the NCBAA.  Our professional development programs incorporate an ongoing mentoring element and members of our organization participate willingly in mentoring recognizing that none of us, “got here on our own.” The NCBAA Mentoring Award is given annually to an individual that exemplifies this spirit and has provided wise guidance and counsel to black faculty, staff, and administrators. This award is presented to the recipient, by the nominator, during our annual awards breakfast.

2018 Recipient

Dr. Charlene Dukes, Prince George’s Community College, MD

Receipt of the Dr. Marian C. Shivers Mentor Award would be recognition of the support Dr. Dukes has and continues to provide to African-American professionals who serve and mentor the vast number of students who cross the threshold of community colleges, including Prince George’s Community College. Dr. Dukes, since becoming president, has financially supported the attendance of two College employees for most sessions of the Dr. Carolyn Grubbs Williams Leadership Development Institute for African American Mid-level Administrators ln Community Colleges. Encouraging each past participant ro get involved in committee work, projects, and programs upon completion of the Institute, She has an open door policy that encourages staff to reach out to her for professional development and guidance along the way. In addition to College employees Dr. Dukes has provided internship opportunities for individuals who are enrolled in the Morgan State Community College Leadership Doctoral Program. When schedules dld not permit Dr. Dukes to take on an Intern, she encouraged her senior team members to take an intern under their “wings.”

Recent recipients include:

  • 2017 Recipient – Dr. DeRionne Pollard, Montgomery College, MD
  • 2016 Recipient – Dr. Helen Benjamin, Contra Costa Community College District, CA
  • 2015 Recipient – Dr. Ned Doffoney, Chancellor, North Orange County Community College District
  • 2014 Recipient – Dr. Helen Benjamin, Chancellor, Contra Costa Community College District
  • 2013 Recipient – Dr. Christine McPhail, Achieving the Dream
  • 2012 Recipient – Dr. Carolane Williams, President Baltimore City Community College

Leadership Award

The Leadership Award is selected by the board from nominations received throughout the year. This award recognizes the contributions of an active member of the organization who’s efforts support the national organization or one of the regions. The individual embodies the NCBAA spirit and inspires new members to become affiliated with NCBAA and ongoing members to remain steadfast to their commitment to our organization.

2018 Recipient

Ms. Mary Coleman, Guttman Community College, NY

Mary has been an active member of NCBAA since 1999 and was quickly put to work as a financial advisor and treasurer. Mary is the consummate servant leader who is always ready to serve. Today, she is Treasurer-extraordinaire for both the national and Northeast Region boards and has been a true steward of NCBAA financial resources. She is well known for her business acumen and financial mentorship but Mary is extremely versatile and multi-talented beyond finances. Mary is an eloquent orator who has been very supportive of NCBAA professional development events. She regularly presents a1 the Dr. Carolyn G. Williams Leadership Development Institute, Northeast Region conference, AACC convention and many others. Mary is passionate and supportive of the NCBAA mission and the organization has benefited immensely from Mary’s service. Mary is most deserving of the Leadership Award and we are truly honored to present her with this award. This honor for Mary is long overdue!

Recent recipients include:

  • 2017 Recipient – Ms. Carol Belle-Thomas Moss, City College of San Francisco
  • 2016 Recipient – Dr. Rhonda Spells-Fentry, Prince George’s Community College, MD
  • 2015 Recipient – Anita Black, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Merritt College
  • 2014 Recipient – Terence Wright, Campus Enrollment Leader, Florida Community College at Jacksonville
  • 2013 Recipient – Dr. Carolyn Hull Anderson, Interim President, Baltimore City Community College
  • 2012 Recipients – Dr. Helen Benjamin, Chancellor, Contra Costa Community College District and
    Ms. Mary Coleman, Senior Vice President of Administration and Finance, Bronx Community College

President’s Award

The NCBAA President’s Award recipient is selected by the current president of the NCBAA. This award acknowledges the efforts of an individual that demonstrates consistent support of the NCBAA mission, vision, and operation activity. The President’s Award Recipient will be featured in our 2015 Awards Breakfast Booklet.

2018 Recipient

Mr. David Baime, American Association of Community Colleges, DC

David has a long history of support of NCBAA dating back to the 1980s and is well deserving of the President’s Award. Over the years, David has partnered with NCBAA on myriad initiatives in support of the NCBAA mission and operations. David helped develop cases to present before Congress on student aid for minority students, Invited Presidents from NCBAA member colleges to provide input on issues related to the federal agenda, supports the Commission on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity, and has been an all-around advocate for students of color. Davis Is always at the ready to do anything he can to provide legislative Information or speak at NCBAA events, including Regional Conferences and member colleges. David is a “go to• for the NCBAA Northeast Region Spring Conference where the Conversation with David Baime legislative update keynote has become a highlight of the conference. Thanks to his efforts, NCBAA has a voice at the legislative table.

Recent recipients include:

  • 2017 Recipient – Ms. Alonia Sharps, Prince George’s Community College
  • 2016 Recipient – Mr. Kevin Christian, American Association of Community Colleges, DC
  • 2015 Recipient – Ms. Ann Johnson, Vice President of Student Success, Lone Star College – Tomball
  • 2014 Recipient – Mr. Kevin Christian, Senior Program Manager, Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity, AACC
  • 2013 Recipient – Dr. Charlene M. Dukes, President, Prince Georges Community College
  • 2012 Recipient – Dr. Walter Bumphus, President and CEO, AACC

Dissertation of the Year

The NCBAA-Northeast Region Dissertation of the Year award recognizes an individual whose exemplary doctoral dissertation aligns with the mission of NCBAA, contributes to the literature on community colleges, and/or makes a substantial contribution to policy, procedures, and practice that has an impact on African American students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Exemplary research revises understanding of a researchable problem associated with African Americans in the community college, identifies a research problem new to the field, and/or demonstrates sound interdisciplinary research. Only dissertations judged to be truly outstanding will be recognized.

2018 Recipient

Tisa Silver Canady, Ed.D., Morgan State University, MD

Research: The Relationship Between Financial Aid Advising and Community College Student Engagement





Recent recipients include:

  • 2017 Recipient – Charanne Smith, D.M., University of Maryland University College, MD
    Research: Impact of Intended and Unintended Outcomes of Performance-Based Funding on Community Colleges
  • 2016 Recipient – Debbie Peoples, Ed. D., Morgan State University, MD
    Research: Personal Connections and Career Reflections: Examining the Social Networks and Career Choices of African American Women Community College Leaders
  • 2015 Recipient – Towaunna Porter Brannon, Ed.D., Fordham University, NY
    Research: Perceived Factors Contributing to Associate Degree Completion by African American Males at a Community College

For full details on the Dissertation of the Year Award, please visit: NCBAA Northeast Awards