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Welcome message from the President

On behalf of the National Board of Directors of the National Council on Black American Affairs (NCBAA), I’d like to extend greetings and sincerest appreciation for your support of NCBAA. NCBAA has a rich history and the national board is committed to keeping the legacy of the organization vibrant through national awareness of NCBAA and extended opportunities for professional development and networking. The vitality and sustainability of NCBAA is reliant on the involvement and participation of members and supporters. For that reason, it remains a top priority of NCBAA to promote cost-effective, accessible professional development opportunities like the Northeast Region conference.

In our current political climate, I encourage you to create spaces for equity of thought, inclusion for all, and the opportunity to demonstrate leadership amongst supportive peers. May the conversations you have and lessons you learn encourage you to promote equality, inclusion and leadership in your home institutions.

Thank you for your continued support of NCBAA.


Rhonda Spells-Fentry, Ed. D.
National Council on Black American Affairs

2018-19 Board of Directors

The Directors serve on the Board and represent the North Central, Northeast, Southern, and Western regions of the United States to ensure that when decisions are made about you and for you global thinking has occurred.  Your Directors join the entire NCBAA Board in welcoming you to the association…

Dr. Rhonda Spells-Fentry


Dr. Chemene Crawford

Vice President, Organizational Vitality

Ms. Alonia C . Sharps


Ms. Mary Coleman


Dr. Carolyn H. Anderson

Co - Vice President, Membership

Ms. Ann Johnson

Co - Vice President, Membership

Dr. Stacy Thompson

Vice President, Programs

Dr. Tammy R. Robinson

Co - Vice President, Public Relations

Ms. Angelic Cole

Assistant Secretary

Dr. Chantae Recasner

Assistant Treasurer

Dr. G Duncan Harris

Past President

Dr. Barbara Gaba


Dr. Larry Johnson


Dr. Charles Nwankwo


Dr. Matais Pouncil


Dr. Joe Seabrooks


Dr. Jackie C. Thomas, Jr.


Dr. Carolyn G. Williams


Mr. Terence Wright